The city of Foxwood


The city of Foxwood is located on the shores of the (western ocean) between the banks of (northern river) and (southern river). North of (northern river) lies the Foxwood Forest which lends its name to the city itself.


The city of Foxwood was originally founded as an outpost by (older city). It quickly grew into a trading hub.

About a hundred years ago the merchants of the city decided to severe ties with (older city). Hiring various mercenary companies they were able to declare their independence.

A few noble houses were quick to join with the merchants, lending their wealth to the hiring of the mercenaries, as such they retained their status within the city.


The city of Foxwood is now ruled by a five member council. Each member represents different interests or factions within the city.

The current members of the council are:

  1. (name) representing the Dockworkers.
  2. (name) representing the Merchants of Foxwood.
  3. Haldrick Jordan from Jordan’s Hawks, who represents the mercenaries of Foxwood.
  4. (name) representing the Myrradin noble family.
  5. (name) representing the Knossos noble family.


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